Aquaponics Update 1Oct2012


Couple pictures of the fish, we are down to 4 but one of them as you might be able to see is pretty large.  I was told that this is what I should have started with a long time ago.  We will see how it goes.

Another picture of the fish, they do all the work.

You can kind of see the burned plants, I didn’t raise the lights quick enough and they touched the bulbs and burned.  I planted these two weeks ago I didn’t realize how quick they would take off.

Another pic of the burnt plants, My B!

Much better picture of the whole mess.  I basically threw a bunch of leftover seeds in the grow bed mostly to see what would work.  Seems like Cat Nip and Tomatoes are doing well.  Tomatoes won’t fruit though unless I buy some more expensive lights, but once again we will see.

A healthy crop of cat nip for our feline friend.  You can see I think there is some dill mixed in the back.

This is with the lights on.  It is hard to see but there are little plants in the back left.

Really I have been neglecting the Aquaponics experiment over the summer, now that things are slowing down a little bit I will be playing around more.  One of these posts I am going to take some video and show how the whole thing works.  I generally keep the lights covered with giant pieces of aluminum foil in order to keep as much of the light reflecting down as possible.  I am looking at some other less ghetto options but so far it is the leader.


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