Maple Smoked Ribs

So I decided I wanted to make ribs, I hadn’t done any pork in a while.  CJ isn’t the biggest fan of ribs but I have to cook them every once in a while.  Then I found out baby back ribs were on sale so I was set.  I found a recipe that called for a maple glaze and I thought that would be great. Fall in the air and such.  I cleaned and rubbed 3 racks of baby backs very lightly with rub and threw them on the smoker with some apple wood and charcoal.

This is the ribs after I got the smoker up to temp.  You will notice there isn’t that much rub on the ribs.  I think most people add too much but anyway there was going to be a maple glaze coming so you don’t want to over do it.

I boiled down one cup of apple juice a 1/4 cup of maple syrup and bit of hot sauce until it make a glaze.  About half an hour before the ribs are done I coated them in the glaze.

I think if I do this next time I am going to double the glaze, put a coat on one hour before they come off and 30 minutes before they come off to get a little more of that flavor.

The ribs overall were pretty good. I didn’t cook them as well as I could have.  I didn’t wrap them in foil which I should have, and then applied the double coat of the glaze after unwrapping them and I think it would have been much better.  Always next time right?


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