New Camera expect more pictures…

Right near my house is Tufts university, it is an amazing campus and it is on a very tall hill.  If you hop on top of the library you can get some amazing shots.  I just got a new camera from my work bonus program.  It is a Cannon Ti4 and it takes some pretty bad ass pictures.  Unfortunately I have no idea how to use it.  There are going to be a lot of amateur photo galleries coming up.  I have some other plans to hit up a fort tower along 93 and Mount Auburn cemetery is suppose to have any excellent view of the city.  So I am going to go around and try to find the high ground and take some pictures this year.  There also are going to be some disc golf pictures once it warms up.


View from the top of Tufts Library.


Going to take a beginner DSLR camera class coming up in the spring.  I can’t wait!


I like this shot except I didn’t center it quite right.

 Tufts flags

Taking advantage of a super windy day.


And here is CJ’s beloved cat Pooch.  He is very annoyed because I took a about 14 shots of him in a row with a pretty bright flash.  He is probably somewhat blinded at that moment.


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