Easter Brunch at 5 Horses Tavern

So Jacob talked me into coming to this place, and I am glad I tried to.  He told me about a item on the brunch menu that is a biscuit with fried chicken, two sunny side up eggs and the whole thing is covered in sausage gravy.  How could I say no?


It was pretty good, the gravy has quite a bit of thyme in it and enjoyed it.  The biscuit was a little tough but with the sausage gravy the whole thing was fantastic.


CJ had the Paula Dean which was crispy pork belly over cheesy grits with a sunny side egg and toast.  We also ordered the hash as well.


The hash is in the middle, I do think it is pretty cool they serve it in an individual cast iron pan, unfortunately I didn’t think it was very good, it had kind of a sour taste to it that I care for.  I also ordered and ice coffee and maybe I am spoiled by True Grounds down the street but most places make the coffee way too weak for when they mix it with ice it becomes too watered down.  The waitress was great and the food was very reasonably priced.  I would recommend it, but with Highland Kitchen just up the street I would only go here if that wasn’t an option.


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