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SuperBowl Brisket Pics with the New Camera

God Damn Ravens.  Congrats Laura!   I cooked a brisket with the new smoker accessory I got which is basically a fan that attaches to the vent on the smoker and controls the temperature.  It was really fantastic because I really didn’t have to check on it.  I set the whole thing up and then checked on it once every 4 hours instead of once every 35 minutes, it maintained the temperature for about 14 hours with a full bag of charcoal.  This was a massive 19.7lb brisket, I bought the biggest foil pan I could find to take it off the grill.



This was almost too big for my massive cutting board.  It came our really well and it is amazing the difference the camera makes in the quality of the pictures.


Here is a picture of a few slices of the flat.  You can see these pieces are upside down, the strip of fat is at the bottom.  I like to trim the brisket just so there is a little strip of fat after it is cooking.  I think I am doing a pretty good job in that.  I need to work on how to trim the point better.


This is that giant pan full of slices brisket.  I am still amazed at how detailed you can see in the brisket with the new camera.


This was part of what CJ made for the superbowl.  This is a sourdough loaf that she cut up and stuffed with cheese bacon and a mixture of butter and a packet for ranch dressing seasoning.  It was incredible!  This was almost the last of the bacon I made so we are going to need another batch pretty soon.

Damn Ravens…


Giving this wordpress thing a try

Trying out this wordpress thing.  Gonna play around with it and see if it is actually worth it.