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Pulled Pork for Week 8

I decided that since it was so nice out I was going to do something with the smoker, and CJ requested I make pulled pork.  I hadn’t done it in a long time and figured it would be pretty easy.  I got the two pork shoulders below on sale and made a rub with raw sugar and some store bought Texas smoky BBQ rub.  You want to use about twice as much sugar as BBQ rub, at least that is what I like on pork.  Make sure to take the skin off before adding the rub.  Try to leave as much fat around the pork as possible.

Make sure to apply rub on all sides to coat it. Another trick is that you really have to make sure the meat is dry before applying the rub.  If the meat isn’t dry a lot of the rub will “leak off” the meat.  I know it was a step I was always tempted to skip.  Please do not.   Another step I like to do is to make sure to stab the roast a 8-10 times each to puncture some of the membranes in the pork and help the natural fat baste the meat.

Toss that in the smoker for about 18 hours and you get the below.

I started this about 4:30pm Saturday night with apple wood. I have really found that apple or apple and cherry really work well with the pork.  I pulled it out of the smoker at about 8am Sunday morning and it was about 190 degrees which I think is perfect. Wrapped it in foil and held it for about 3 hours until it was almost game time.  The meat just fell apart–it was very tender. I pulled out the bones for the neighbors’ dog (he is a giant husky who is a big baby, a perfect combination).

After pulling it came out really well, like I said the meat was so tender it really wasn’t too hard.  Just had to remove the bones and break it up.

CJ made a wonderful spicy rum based BBQ sauce and it was awesome. Put a little coleslaw on the cheapest most supermarket white bread hamburger rolls you can find, and I give you heaven.

So you caught me, I didn’t take a picture of my first sandwich.  OK, it wasn’t my second sandwich either, and no I am not telling what number sandwich this was.  Now I have to decide what to make with all of this left over pulled pork.  I might bring it to work, I might freeze some. amd I might make some sort of chili. (CJ is actively hoping for the last option. It is getting to be chili season!)

Hope you had a great weekend.